Andrea Tagliasacchi

I am an assistant professor in the Department of Computer Science of the University of Victoria (UVic), where I hold the "Google/Intel Industrial Research Chair in 3D Sensing". Before joining UVic, I was a postdoctoral researcher at the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL, Switzerland). I received both my B.Sc. (cum laude) and M.Sc (cum laude) from Politecnico di Milano (Polimi, Italy), and my Ph.D. from Simon Fraser University (SFU, Canada) funded by an NSERC Alexander Graham Bell fellowship.

Contact Me

Prof. Dr. Andrea Tagliasacchi
E-mail: Office: +1 250 472 5049 Cell: +1 778 676 2698
Graphics Laboratory @ Department of Computer Science, University of Victoria
ECS 530, 3800 Finnerty Road, V8P 5C2 Victoria, British Columbia (Canada)
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My core research interests lie in 3D Computer Vision and digital geometry processing. As signal processing deals with {compression, transmission, synthesis and manipulation} of audio (a 1D signal) and images/videos (2D signals), my research addresses questions like:

These questions lie at the intersection of computer vision: where we would like to reverse engineer how a certain image has been generated, and computer graphics: where we try to synthesize images from a geometric representation. Machine learning and numerical optimization techniques make a common appearance in my work.

My current research interest lie in the modeling and capture of geometry for real-time application, in particular for augmented reality. Robust real-time rigid and non-rigid registration from single RGBD sensors with a strong bias on single sensor consumer-level applications. I am also interested in general surface reconstruction/approximation and physically based real-time simulation. In my graduate studies I also conducted extensive research in shape analysis, in particular skeletal representations (i.e. medial axes and curve skeletons) as well as surface reconstruction with missing data.



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We present a robust method for capturing articulated hand motions in realtime using a single depth camera. Our system is based on a realtime registration process that accurately reconstructs hand poses by fitting a 3D articulated hand model to depth images. We register the hand model using depth, silhouette, and temporal information. To effectively map low-quality depth maps to realistic hand poses, we regularize the registration with kinematic and temporal priors, as well as a novel data-driven prior built from a database of realistic hand poses. We present a principled way of integrating such priors into our registration optimization to enable robust tracking without severely restricting the freedom of motion. A core technical contribution is a new method for computing tracking correspondences that directly models occlusions typical of single-camera setups. To ensure reproducibility of our results and facilitate future research, we fully disclose the source code of our implementation.
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